Bridge Afterschool & Mentor Me!


The Bridge and Mentor Me! Afterschool Program is for Waterbury students in grade K-8th.  The program provides transportation from select schools in Waterbury to the program site.  Parents are responsible for pick up from the site and the end of the program day. 


The BRIDGE Program participants will receive reading assistance, skill-building, youth development, health & safety workshops, drug & violence workshops, assessments, case management, referrals, tutoring, mentoring, that are required, as well as recreational, sports, and trips (incentives).  Nutritional activities, physical fitness, and other helpful tools for every day. Offered to boys and girls, grades K-5.


Children in the Mentor Me! age group (middle school age) are provided with the opportunity to work with a younger student and given tasks to complete each day. The youth will engage in volunteer services, lend and receive mentoring and tutoring help.  The Mentor Me! program will help develop the participants' responsibility, leadership and accountability skills, and knowledge.



Monthly Full Time Fees

(3-5 days/week from 12:00-6:30pm)


MEMBER                                                                         NON-MEMBER

$70.00 per month                   first student                    $80.00 per month

$65.00 per month                  second student               $75.00 per month

$60.00 per month                   third student +               $70.00 per month


Monthly Part Time Fees

(1-2 days a week 12:00-6:30pm)


MEMBER                                                                           NON-MEMBER

$60.00 per month                first student                         $70.00 per month

$55.00 per month                second student                   $65.00 per month

$50.00 per month                 third student +                   $60.00 per month

*All fees are non-refundable.

Application Available Below!

*Requires 1st & last month payment with PayPal to complete registration



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