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Rivera & Hughes Cheerleading


The Rivera & Hughes Southend Cheerleaders were created in the summer of 1990 by Carmen Adams, after the tragic passing of Heriberto Rivera & Howard Hughes.  The girls were just going to do one performance at the 1st annual Rivera & Hughes Memorial Park Festival; however, the Cheerleaders were a big hit.  From that point forward, the cheerleading group continued under the direction of Maritza Rivera. 


Today, the cheerleaders are one of the most popular cheer/dance groups in the city of Waterbury.  The Cheerleaders perform in festivals, parades and local events throughout the state of Connecticut and New York.


The Rivera & Hughes Southend Cheerleaders goal is to provide a positive, safe, and welcoming environment to all girls in the city of Waterbury and neighboring towns, in order to decrease the number of juveniles engaging in negative behavior that would be detrimental to their livelihood and well-being.

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