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Community Serivce & Leadership Award Nomination Form

The Rivera Memorial Foundation, Inc. presents these distinguished awards annually -- professionals or volunteers -- for their unheralded and exceptional service in our community. 


We depend on leaders, such as yourself, to identify the outstanding work being done in your community on behalf of children and youth. That work can be of almost any kind, from health and welfare to education and recreation. The following information will give you a better idea of the requirements. The deadline for this year’s nominations is Friday, December 8, 2023. A distinguished panel of judges will then make the selections, which will be announced in January.

Award Criteria


Community Service Award 


Persons being nominated for this award will have consistently demonstrated qualities of compassion, and service to either one organization or a variety of volunteer activities in one year. The charitable activities/events or services listed on the application cannot be part of the nominee’s job description or duties and the individual cannot receive any monetary or personal benefits from their involvement.


Outstanding Leadership Award 


Through their leadership skills and initiative, these persons have made a significant impact on the Waterbury community throughout the past year. Nominees have influenced the development and mentoring of future leaders in Waterbury. They must demonstrate examples of outstanding service to others and within the community. Award recipients are selected based on breadth and depth of involvement and leadership in the Waterbury community, involvement in professional, academic, and leadership development experiences, and the overall effect on life for the Waterbury community.


Inspiring Educator Award


Teachers and administrators who have worked to inspire students of all abilities to achieve their best, encourage them to pursue excellence and give them the skills and enthusiasm they need to make a positive difference in the world. They have worked hard to inspire their students to always go above and beyond in their daily duties. "We must inspire the next generation of young people, from every background, to understand that science, math, and engineering can give them the exhilarating become the active explorers and inventors who will design the future."  


Positive Youth Award


Youths who are a standout in the community and who participate and excel in numerous activities. Areas of excellence could include service activities outside of school such as volunteer work, tutoring, providing companionship to the sick or elderly, participating in charity fundraising, and other humanitarian service projects; participation in scouting or religious organizations.

Nominee Information

Thanks for submitting a nomination! You will be notified if your nominee was selected to receive an award.

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