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About Us

Creating Meaningful Impact

The Rivera Memorial Foundation, Inc. exists first and foremost to develop the full human potential of its participants by fostering their intellectual, social, economical, emotional, moral and spiritual growth.


On May 10, 1990 Firefighter Heriberto “Eddie” Rivera and fellow firefighter Howard Hughes, were killed when their engine lost its brakes while heading to a false alarm and slammed into a tree on West Main Street. Shortly afterward, family and friends began gathering at what was then West Dover Street Park for picnics and other events held in the men’s memory.

For over thirty years, Maritza Rivera (widow), family, and friends of Eddie have continued a tradition of selfless giving to the youths, Latinos, and the general community of Waterbury for the purpose of maintaining and continuing the memory and spirit of one of their dear friend and neighbor who was tragically taken from the community.

The Rivera Memorial Foundation, Inc. strives to develop, nurture, and empower the full human potential of all members and participants of the organization through a united effort of the Rivera Memorial Foundation and its staff, members, and community.

Mission Statement

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